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Student mental health

Why focus on student mental health?

We know that students have been under pressure recently and experienced a lot of change. This may have affected their mental health.

Universities are focusing on the mental wellbeing of their students, and we are keen to learn more, share good practice and explore how we may work together.

What are we doing?

We want to gather information around student mental health in Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire to see if the AHSN can support and /or add value.

Our initial work will be to meet key stakeholders and collect information using some structured questions.

We hope to meet student representatives, staff from universities, NHS mental health staff, GPs and voluntary sector organisations.

Why are we meeting with stakeholders?

Meeting with key stakeholders should help us to identify and focus on any aspects of student mental health where improvements could be made, for example in particular services or the interface between them, and potentially bring people together for workshops/sharing events.


We are aiming to have identified some focus areas and have a report ready to share during 2022.

Key areas we are interested in are:

  • What is currently available for students?
  • What is working well?
  • What is working less well and what are the areas of concern? Including any challenges or barriers
  • What might make things better?

If you would like to contribute or for more information please contact Hayley Trueman: