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The Good Hydration! quiz

We have made a series of six short animated films about the importance of good hydration in keeping care home residents happy and healthy. The award-winning Good Hydration! structured drinks round initiative is helping reduce cases of urinary tract infection and ensuring that older people need fewer antibiotics and less time in hospital.

Watch the films below or view them on YouTube, then complete the quiz to test your knowledge.

Watched the films? Now try our quiz!

Get at least eight out of ten right and you can download a personalised pass certificate at the end

1. What are the four parts that make up the urinary system?
2. Are men or women more at risk of getting a urine infection?
3. Identify three reasons why some older people do not drink enough
4. Tick four signs/symptoms that may indicate a person is becoming dehydrated
5. On average how many cups of fluid should be drunk every day to ensure good hydration?
6. Which three things can encourage residents to keep hydrated?
7. Tick two of the medications that may increase the risk of dehydration.
8. Is a urine dipstick test an accurate way to diagnose a urinary tract infection in someone aged over 65 years?
9. What are four signs that may indicate a resident has a urinary tract infection?
10. How many new signs and symptoms may indicate that someone has a urinary tract infection?
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