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Excellence Reporting Sharing Event – Thames Valley, 15 October 2018

The Oxford Patient Safety Collaborative is supporting the Excellence Reporting Sharing Event on 15 October at Park House, University of Reading. This event is open to individuals and teams from across the NHS in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and Milton Keynes and will launch TREx – Thames Valley Reporting Excellence, a community and network of healthcare professionals who champion excellence reporting, supported by the Oxford Patient Safety Collaborative.

In the past patient safety has focused on learning from errors and adverse outcomes. By also looking at what goes well through mechanisms such as excellence reporting we can create new opportunities for learning and improving healthcare. Learning from excellence in healthcare is now growing from an idea to a social movement. As the initiative spreads and takes roots in different centres in our region, we feel it is important to create and maintain links between all participants so everyone can make the most of this positive practice.

This free event aims to promote shared learning about the best ways to start excellence reporting in a clinical setting, and for those already learning from excellence to explore how to make the most of excellence reporting and how to sustain the work. The day will include speakers with experience in positive practice and appreciative inquiry, the psychology of learning from excellence, and explore excellence from other fields outside clinical care.

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