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About us

In the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Oxford Patient Safety Collaborative’s priority is to support our colleagues in the NHS and social care. Programmes that do not contribute directly to the Covid-19 national response have been paused and others refocused. These include our Deterioration and Maternity and Neonatal programmes.

The Oxford Patient Safety Collaborative (PSC) is one of 15 regional PSCs aligned with England’s 15 Academic Health Science Networks that together comprise the National Patient Safety Improvement programmes. 

The PSCs are commissioned by NHS Improvement. They work to implement patient safety initiatives and quality improvements, coordinating and collaborating with networks of NHS staff, patients and families, national and local partners, academics, life science industries and voluntary organisations.

This is the largest safety initiative in the history of the NHS, supporting and encouraging a culture of safety and improvement across the health and care system, continuously learning from what works as well as what does not. It is guided by the NHS Patient Safety Strategy published in July 2019.

The themes from this strategy run as a ‘golden thread’ through healthcare with three strategic aims supporting the development of patient safety culture and systems in the NHS:

  • Insight – drawing intelligence from multiple sources of patient safety information to improve understanding
  • Involvement – equipping patients, staff and healthcare partners with the skills and opportunities to improve patient safety throughout the whole system
  • Improvement – designing and supporting programmes that deliver effective and sustainable change in the most important areas.

The actions necessary to achieve these aims vary with individual programmes.

Information and resources relating to the collective patient safety effort of all 15 AHSNs can be found on The AHSN Network – Patient Safety Collaboratives web pages.