Long Term Ventilation

Our Paediatric programme aims to increase the safety of children with technology-dependent complex medical needs who are cared for in the community.

We have recently added a new project to this programme in addition to the existing one which looks to improve safety along the pathway of children who are fed via gastrostomy tubes.  In conjunction with the Thames Valley Children’s Palliative Care Network and other key stakeholders we are working to develop and implement a regional pathway for children and young adults who are cared for at home and dependent on long term invasive ventilation via a tracheostomy. As healthcare techniques have improved, an increasing number of children who previously would never have had a life outside hospital are able to be discharged home, with the aid of specialist support packages.

The project is still in its early stages. Although the two pathways start very differently with unique surgeries, there are many parallels once patients are discharged into the community setting. The work will focus on empowering parents to care for their children safely at home so that they are able to lead as normal a family life as possible, and access education and other enrichment activities. As part of this it will aim to ensure the competency of the community healthcare professionals who support these parents.

For further information contact Geri Briggs, Patient Safety Manager


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