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Long Term Ventilation

The objectives of the LTV project are similar to the gastrostomy project, but it focus on the care and safety of children cared for at home who are totally dependent on a mechanical aid to breathe [Level 3 ventilation].

As healthcare techniques have improved, an increasing number of children who previously would never have had a life outside hospital are able to be discharged home, with the aid of specialist support packages.

Our project aims to ensure that every child in the Thames Valley with LTV needs will spend no longer in hospital than medically necessary and will receive safe, quality care in the community.

This means all children will have:

  • A manageable and effective pathway of care
  • A personalised care plan
  • Access to education and enrichment activities
  • Care delivered by trained and skilled staff
  • Fewer unnecessary admissions to hospital

In conjunction with the Thames Valley Children’s Palliative Care Network and other key stakeholders, this project is developing a regional evidence based best practice pathway and Standards of Care document for this group of patients. It is anticipated that this will be launched in Q3/2018.

For further information contact Geri Briggs, Patient Safety Manager


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